Participatory experience

Experience the potential of monitored health through poetic magic
An Art & Science Participatory Performance

The monitoring of health data allows us to envisage new ways of feeling our own body and of exchanging with others by externalizing what was previously intimate and unspeakable.

How can we make this potential come alive?
Through an Art&Science experience: Somatic design for aesthetic awareness

The performance:
- to experience the sensation of synchronization between humans and a projected script
- to see infraordinary synchronisations
- understanding the potential of technology through experience: awakening our collective sensitivity

First time: observe the dancers and let yourself be affected

The dancers lead by example to make the audience want to enter the space and play with the visual interpretation of their movements projected on the screen by a researcher-graphist.

Second time: enter the space and participate in games

The spectators enter the space and begin to play among themselves. A spectator settles down to draw with a graphic device and improvise in relation to the experience of the moment.

To live the dance between the movements of the bodies, the sight, the music and the hand which draws traces of the danced action

To live the experience next to a technology that increases the pleasure of experimenting together

Short video:

Long video:

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